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record MINIROLL – avtomatska navojna vrata

record GATES P 116

Maximum security at a good price for your shop or industrial location. The record GATES P 116 roller shutter is perfect for all kinds of outdoor openings. The record GATES P 116 roller shutter profile can also be ordered with perforated finish (the “Rubis” option)

record GATES P 57

Ideal for shops with limited space: the profile height of only 57 mm enables the record GATES P 57 roller shutter to have a very small roller diameter. Widths available are 900 – 4700 mm; the maximum overall height is 3 250 mm.

record GATES P 97

With larger sizes, the stiffness of the profile could be affected. The curved shape of the record GATES P 97 roller shutter profiles enhances not only its strength, but also enhances its smooth, quiet operation when rolling, making it perfect for commercial or industrial applications.