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record GATES Eurolook – transparent protective roller shutter

The Standard record Eurolook® transparent protective roller shutter is crystal clear, with 83 % transparency, allowing 92 % of light to penetrate.

Thanks to its resistance to UV radiation, it does not colour or yellow, and retains its glass-like transparency year after year.


The Eurolook® protective roller shutter consists of polycarbonate plastic links, connected at five points to ensure an optimally robust structure with a maximum of flexibility. This enables a Eurolook® rollier shutter to yield slightly, but does not permit it to crack. This ensures a highly efficient Eurolook® security system.

Areas of application

For years now, Eurolook® protective roller shutters have been used where security and transparency are 100 % necessary, i.e. in trades, shops and other businesses, as well as banks and museums.


  • Highly aesthetic system
  • Ensures transparency and brightness
  • Suitable for many applications

Technical Specifications

  • Weight of shutter: 9 kg / m2
  • Thickness of polycarbonate: 3 mm
  • A maximum of 11 000 mm in width and 6 000 mm in height

3 motor variants

  • Roller motor
  • Side-mounted motor
  • Mid-mounted motor